Should You Have LASIK?

When you are considering LASIK eye surgery, it is important that you understand the benefits of the procedure, and have your expectations in line. It is not just the physical requirements that make you a candidate; it is also about being familiar with the accurate facts.

You May Be a Good Candidate for LASIK If:

• You are at least 18 years of age; although, your eye doctor may determine that you should wait longer after you’ve been examined, (up to age 25) as your eyes must be fully mature.
• You have had a stable eye prescription for one year or more. If your vision is changing too frequently, that can impact your ability to attain accurate results.
• You do not suffer from dry eyes, and have no recent infections or injuries. It is less likely that you will be a candidate if the issues reoccur frequently.
• You understand that perfect (20/20) vision may not be your result after laser eye surgery. Although, it may be attainable in some individuals.
• You understand that in some cases, your eyesight can decline again, even following surgery. Your vision may not remain identical to what it was when you first had your procedure. However, any aging of the eyes or vision decline that occurs begins with better vision than it would have without surgery.
• You recognize that you may still need to wear your reading glasses, if you required them prior to the procedure.
• You know that what you can expect is a great improvement in your vision if you are a suitable candidate.

For many patients, it is a reality that their eyesight following the Lasik procedure is like night and day. Having the right attitude, and having all expectations appropriately aligned will ensure that you receive incredibly positive results. Which is an opportunity greatly increased when you have a quality ophthalmologist treating you.

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